Best Cordless Phone 2016

Top 7 Cordless Phones You Can Buy

Best Rated
Best Seller
Gigaset C430A
Panasonic KX-TGC212EB
Binatone Designer 2102
Panasonic KX-TG6811EB
Best Deal
Philips DECT 7271
ModellBT8500Gigaset C430APanasonic KX-TGC212EBBT2100Binatone Designer 2102Panasonic KX-TG6811EBPhilips DECT 7271
Our Rating
Rating1.4VERY GOOD
Talk Time13 hours14 hours10 hours12 hours10 hours15 hours14 hours
Contacts< 200< 200< 50< 50< 20< 100< 255
Answering Machine
Colour Display
Dimensions18.1 x 9.6 x 1.24 cm25.9 x 17.4 x 7 cm4.7 x 3 x 16.4 cm10 x 4.1 x 11 cm17 x 17.7 x 15.4 cm4.8 × 2.9 × 16.4 cm4.8 x 2.9 x 13.5 cm
Weight500 g200 g130 g413 g600 g129 g980 g
(Special) Features
  • Block up to 1000 Numbers Or Block Calls By Type
  • Customisable Call Guardian Settings
  • Selectable Day/Night Switch
  • HSP Sound Quality
  • Nuisance Call Block
  • Easy access to Call Divert
  • Three Way Calling and Call Waiting
  • Dual Charging Position
  • Noise Reduction
  • Message Counter on Base
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Best Rated
  • Block up to 1000 Numbers Or Block Calls By Type
  • Customisable Call Guardian Settings
48,99 €
Best Seller
Gigaset C430A
Gigaset C430A
  • Selectable Day/Night Switch
  • HSP Sound Quality
42,00 €
  • Easy access to Call Divert
  • Three Way Calling and Call Waiting
56,33 €
Best Deal

All You Need To Know For Our Cordless Phone Reviews.

Guiding you to your new telephone in our best cordless phone reviews 2016.

The BT2100; BT cordless phones rank amongst the best cordless phones in th UK.

Ever since the first Telephone was invented telecommunications have massively evolved. Especially in the late 20th century, telephones have changed the way we interact and communicate. The cordless phone has since its introduction to the modern markets simplified life at home a little more, completing the possibility to communicate without restrictions. Thanks to mobile phones it has no longer become necessary for some people to even have a cordless phone in their home these days. Though they can still be quite handy and especially with market focusing on mobile phones it is not difficult to buy a cheap cordless phone these days.
We’ve reviewed a set of phones and collected all the facts and features in our best cordless phone reviews 2016 to give you all you need to know if you’re considering to buy a cordless phone.

Types of Cordless Phones

The models included in our best cordless phone reviews are suitable for land line connections in you house or office. Despite the development of NGN (Next Generation Network) they are still widely used all-over Europe. There are two types of phone connections to consider: analogue and ISDN. Below we have a short overview for you.

Cordless Phone Type Description
Analogue Phones This is the old school connection type that has been around for years. You’ll see telephone sockets in the wall and simply connect your phone to the land line.
ISDN Phones This is an international Standard for telecommunications with very good phone quality as it is digital.

Here are some general advantages of cordless phones no matter if you have analogue or digital.

Pro’s of Cordless Phones
  • free movement within your house or even garden
  • multiple phones may be used and connected with each other in one household
  • less cabling
  • come with new features like Wi-Fi

Which Cordless Phone is suitable for you?

Gigaset Phones like the Gigaset C430A are amongst the best cordless phones in the UK.

Our best cordless phone reviews 2016 have shown that every cordless phone has certain features, some even come with Wi-Fi others keep it basic. This can become quite confusing when trying to pick your best cordless phone.
We’ll help you along the way when deciding which cordless phone you want to buy depending on your preferences.

Would you like a cheap cordless phone with good quality?
You don’t have to buy any cheap cordless phone just because you have a lower budget. Amongst our best cordless phone reviews we have also included a “price tip” which guarantees a cheap cordless phone that is on the hand good quality.
Also online shops like Amazon offer some of the best cordless phone deals available where you will find low prices, discounts and clearance for cordless phones or twin sets.

Would you like to buy the best cordless phone with top quality?
If money is not an issue and you really want to lash out some cash to buy the best cordless phone then take a look at our best picks above. In our best cordless phone reviews we have picked a winner with our best rated cordless phone. You’ll also see the best-seller being the UK’s favourite choice.

Do I you need a cordless phone with great range?
If you have a big house or office then you’ll want the cordless phone to have a great range so you can move freely within your house. Our best cordless phone reviews showed that range usually isn’t an issue as they have ranges up to 300 m. What will become frustrating though is having to run around in your house all the way to the cordless home phone. So why not buy a twin set or even a trio? Trio and twin cordless sets can be placed anywhere inside your house and communicate with each other therefore you won’t have to rush around as much and can fully get the most out of your cordless phone.

Do you often leave the house missing calls?
If you’re an active and busy person you’ll often miss calls at home when out and about. In our best cordless phone reviews we also focused on phones with an answering machine. Cordless telephones with this feature will automatically answer your calls if you’re absent and record a message. We’ve found that only the best cordless phones have one though meaning you’ll have to spend a little more for this feature.

The best cordless phones offer a great sound quality and a good cordless range so that you can wander around your house without being cut off. After this it is down to your living situation and preferences which cordless phone fulfils your needs the best.

The UK’s best cordless phone brands

The Panasonic KX-TGC212EB. Panasonic cordless phones tend to be quite basic making the relatively cheap cordless phones and thus quite popular in the united kingdom.

Although they are being replaced by smartphones more and more there is still a huge range of cordless telephones to be found. Retailers like Tesco, Asda and Curry’s but also will offer many brands including BT cordless phones, Gigaset phones and many trios and twin sets. There are many brands that are known for high quality production of cordless telephones and our reviews 2016 can confirm that these brands are still the best choice in order for you to get the best cordless phones.
Below we have listed the UK’s best cordless phone brands so that you can make a safe pick.

  • BT cordless phones (e.g. BT6500)
  • Gigaset phones (e.g. GigasetC430A, Gigaset C620A, Gigaset SL910)
  • Panasonic phones (e.g. KX-TGC212EB, KX-TG6811EB)
  • Binatone
  • Philips
  • Motorola
  • Alcatel

The best value for money cordless telephones are available in online shops. Our cordless phone reviews 2016 recommend going for one of the many cordless phone deals by the UK’s top brands. This way you won’t be paying a fortune for top quality.

Special Features and Functions

The Geemarc AMPLIDECT260. This is a cordless phone for hard of hearing people. It comes with many special features that suit people who need assistance with hearing.

You might not be aware of all features and functions of cordless telephones which is why our best cordless phone reviews 2016 include a quick guide to special features and function. Be advised that only the best cordless phones come with all or nearly all of these functions and some will simply not be necessary for you. Also some features are only relevant for twin cordless phones or trios.

  • Hearing Aid compatible: A cordless phone for hard of hearing people has an inductive coupler to connect to any analogue hearing aid. Also these cordless telephones come with volume boosters, talking keypads and voice guidance.
    They are also a good option for elderly people when they come as big button cordless phones.
  • Wireless Phones: Wireless phones use Wi-Fi to make the best of your home network. When compatible the best cordless phones with Wi-Fi can connect to your DSL Modem and enable you to read e-mails or control other multimedia devices inside your home.
  • Answering Machine: A cordless phone with answering machine will enable you to record and play back messages from missed calls. Our cordless phone reviews show that not all phones have this feature and you’ll have to decide whether you want to access this feature via the cordless telephone base or the handset. Also consider recording capacity. The best cordless phones with answering machine can record up to 1 hour of messages.