Best Hair Dryer 2016

Top 7 Hair Dryers You Can Buy

Best Rated
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Best Seller
ghd Air Hair Dryer
Diva Professional Styling Ultima 5000
ETI Turbodryer 3500
TRESemme Salon Shine Collection
BaByliss 5541CU Pro Speed
Best Deal
Remington D3010 Hair Dryer
ModellDyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ghd Air Hair DryerDiva Professional Styling Ultima 5000ETI Turbodryer 3500TRESemme Salon Shine CollectionBaByliss 5541CU Pro SpeedRemington D3010 Hair Dryer
Our Rating
Rating1.2VERY GOOD
Rating1.3VERY GOOD
Rating1.4VERY GOOD
Power1600 W2100 W2000 W2000 W2200 W2200 W2,000 W
Cord Length2.7 m3 m3 m3 m2 m3 m1.8 m
Variable Power/Temp.
Cool Shot
Weight618 g700 gn.i515 g510 g835 g650 g
(Special) Features
  • Unique Design
  • Magnetic Attachments
  • 2 extra Nozzles
  • Removable Grille
  • Noise Reduction Filter
  • Salon length Cord
  • Styling Brush
  • 2 Sectioning Clips
  • Ultra slim Concentrator
  • Eco Setting
See Offer
Best Rated
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
  • Unique Design
  • Magnetic Attachments
399,98 €
Best Seller
Diva Professional Styling Ultima 5000
Diva Professional Styling Ultima 5000
  • Removable Grille
  • Noise Reduction Filter
59,99 €

Things You Should Know For Our Hair Dryer Reviews

Especially during the winter season it is crucial to take good care of your hair and prevent damage to it. A good hair dryer will help you accomplish this by preventing you from having to go outside with wet hair and also providing special care itself. How important is hair care to you?

It is not difficult to a find hair dryer on beauty shops but it is extremely difficult to find a high quality hair dryer from the huge number of low quality or fake products present in the market. Just decide on your budget and requirements and you will find the best possible hair dryer for your needs in our best hair dryer reviews below.

What different Types Blow Dryers are there?

All, even a cheap hair dryer and a professional hair dryer have something in common: It is one of those tools that people use almost every day since it has numerous advantages and causes no noticeable damage to one’s hair. Here are some major advantages:

  • It enables to dry up your hair within the span of under ten to fifteen minutes at any time of the day, thus saving you from roaming around in wet hair.

  • You can instantly wash and dry up your hair in case of an emergency.

  • There is no damage caused to your hair if you use the hair dryer occasionally.

  • Even if your hair is colored or streaked, the dryer won’t cause any harm to your hair.

What they have not got in common are the things to look out for on your search for the best hair dryer UK though. What these are, we will tell you right after recommending the right type of blow dryer for your hair type!

So, what is the best hair dryer for me?

Not all hair dryer types are the same, so know which kind to use.

Our Best Rated Hair Dryer: ghd Air Hair Dryer.

The Ionic Hair Dryer
“The ionic technology creates millions of negative ions, and what the ionic hair dryer helps to do is break down the water molecule,” says Richman. “That allows the blow dryer to dry your hair much faster and that’s because you’re not only using heat and the force of the air flow, but you have this new technology that helps to break down water as well.”

The one downside is that people usually don’t know when to stop. A lot are over-drying their hair, because they don’t expect the drying speed, thus not doing their blowouts evenly enough, e.g. Vidal Sassoon hair dryer – Hydra Gloss Frizz Control.

Ionic hair dryers are good for
  • Dry, damaged hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Coarse, thick hair

The Ceramic Hair Dryer
Ceramic dryers emit non-damaging infrared heat, which Perez states dries the hair gently for added heat protection, e.g. Parlux hair dryer 3500 Super Compact.

Ceramic hair dryers are good for
  • Naturally curly hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Keratin-treated hair
  • Hair prone to heat damage

The Tourmaline Hair Dryer
Tourmaline hair dryers emit infrared heat and negative ions, making the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. It also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage, e.g. T3 hair dryer Featherweight 2.

Tourmaline hair dryers are good for
  • All types of hair Styling hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Styling hair

Things you should consider before buying a Hair Dryer

As a general rule, a dryer with 1875 watts of power will dry your hair well (especially thick hair). The Solia SuperHot Dryer combines ionic technology with 1875W double-wave heating technology to dry hair in a fraction of the time.

Hair dryers with less wattage are the best hair dryers suited for short or fine hair, or if you use a dryer only for small sections of your hair, like your bangs. The power will impact the air flow and the stronger the air flow, the quicker the drying time.

Heat is also important. Warm and hot temperatures dry hair quickly and cooler air is gentle on fine or frizz-prone hair. The best hair dryers (professional ones) such as the Parlux hair dryer 3500 Super Compact Ceramic Ionic or the Parlux hair dryer 3500 Super Compact Ceramic & Ionic edition professional hair dryer use ceramic heaters and parts (or a ceramic coating on parts), which distribute heat evenly.

The last element that makes the best hair dryers is their technology. Ionic technology – found in dryers like the Revlon hair dryer 1875W Fast Dry – produces negatively charged ions that have a super-smoothing affect on your hair, which also cause it to dry faster. Tourmaline magnifies the effects of ionic technology so the two together are a super duo for fast drying and shiny hair.

If you understand these factors, you will be ready to look for a hair dryer sale for your best hair dryer UK for ultimate hair care.

Drying your hair correctly

No matter what type of hair dryer you use, remember to apply a heat protectant product for optimal hair care first.

Protectant serums, lotions and sprays are the best way to ensure your hair stays protected during styling.

Even if you’re blowdrying every four days, you’re likely touching up in between with a curling or flat iron. So Richman recommends using a strengthening treatment like Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1, which is also oil-free and silicone-free.
No matter the power level, the key to preventing damage is to keep your dryer moving. Don’t let it sit too long in any one spot or you’ll risk damage from over drying.

Just make sure the nozzle never directly touches your hair, like an iron does, or it will singe and break the hair. Always keep it an inch away.


The right hair dryer attachment can help take the stress out of styling.

While a lot of people don’t use the hair diffuser anymore (as of hair dryer reviews 2016), hair care expert Richman believes more than just curly-haired girls can benefit from this attachment. “I think it’s great because instead of concentrating the heat in one area, it distributes it very broadly. A customer with even a light, natural wave whose looking to enhance it can use a diffuser to add body or bounce to their hair,” he explains.

Did you know?
Making curly or wavy hair straight is best done with a combination of a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer and a hair straightener.

Concentrators direct and focus the air output when you are styling to control frizz and style outcome. Perez uses them to get straight or softly waved looks. His pro tip: Hold the concentrator closely to the hair, leaving a few inches in between. Use a rounded brush, pulling as tightly as reasonable to get the best results from the concentrator.

Consider getting a hair dryer holder if you are having frequent blowouts – It’s convenient!

The ‘Cool Shot’ button
It seals the hair cuticle, setting the final look for long-lasting hold and adds shine. Perez adds, “When your hair is about 80 percent dry, switch over to the cool shot. All your hair needs at this stage in drying is the finishing touches, and the cool shot adequately completes the drying and protects against overheating.”
Richman believes the “cool shot” is also great to lock in a curl, or if you set your hair in curlers, it works to cool down your hair and lock in the waves as desired.


All hair dryers will dry your hair, but they do so differently – so if you’re specifically looking for a silent hair dryer, a lightweight hair dryer or hooded hair dryer, keep in mind that the most important part of your decision should still be made based on the type and specs of your best hair dryer UK (check our best hair dryer reviews 2016 type comparison above – “What is the best hair dryer for me?”).

Also, check if you could use any of the accessories listed in our above article, as they are at much cheaper prices than a separate blow dryer, but make all the difference to your style. This includes the question whether or not you want a cool shot button, because unique features like this are not easily obtainable if you decide you want one afterwards, meaning you will probably have to go look for another hair dryer sale for another separate and hopefully cheap hair dryer.

Check the wattage on a cheap hair dryer before buying, since a 1300W or lower blow dryer will take far over half an hour to dry medium to long hair.

Our recommendations for your hair type

Best hair dryer for thick hair: Ionic hair dryer
Best hair dryer for curly hair: Ceramic hair dryer
Best hair dryer for fine hair: Tourmaline hair dryer

Who makes the best Hair Dryers?

As this will determine a major part your looks, purchasing the right blow dryer for your hair is pretty much a make-or-break decision. We have evaluated customer hair dryer reviews 2016 to find those brands doing a good job at satisfying with their products, be it their portable hair dryer (travel hair dryer), ionic hair dryer, dual voltage hair dryer or else!

Specialty Product
Best ionic hair dryer ghd Hair Dryer Air
Best anti-frizz hair dryer BaByliss Hair Dryer 5541CU Pro Speed
Best hair dryer for afro hair Wahl Hair Dryer Afro 5000 Power Pik Pro
Best power saving hair dryer Remington Hair Dryer D3010
Best travel hair dryer BaByliss Hair Dryer 5344U
Best lightweight hair dryer TRESemme Hair Dryer 5542DU
Best dual voltage hair dryer Braun Hair Dryer HD350
Best silent hair dryer (quiet) Valera SX 6500Y RC