How we rate

Before purchasing a product, any customer usually faces an ongoing process during which he gathers the relevant product characteristics, as well as information to other available products on the market. Here at it is our goal to support our readers and consumers generally during this process and simplify the purchase decision in their favour.

Transparent: How we rate

Unlike traditional publishing companies we do not literally test certain products but rather aggregate a variety of parameters with an elaborate research method from which we then determine a mark. When determining this mark we do however use only those parameters that are objective so to avoid distorting the test results.

The selection of important test parameters:

1. Technical How does the Product compare to others?
2. Features Which essential Features does the Product have?
3. Processing Has the Product been processed in high Quality?
4. Price What is the Value for Money like?
5. Accessories Which Accessories are included?

On this website you see a factual and objective comparison of products and company services under certain parameters. We take great care when researching these products and company services and determining which parameters are included. In individual cases however, minor flaws are possible or parameters of certain products and services become no longer up to date at the time of publication. We therefore do not guarantee the actuality of prices and availability of certain services, functions, features, terms of contract or other relevant aspects of the products and services shown on this website. We hereby advise that you are informed about exact terms and conditions of the providers before purchase or settling a contract.

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