Best Ironing Board 2016

Top 7 Ironing Boards You Can Buy

Best Rated
Philips GC240/05
Best Seller
Brabantia Ironing Board
Brabantia Ironing Board - Ice Water
Minky Ergo Plus
Minky Ultima Plus
Minky Classic Ironing Board - Leaf Blue
Best Deal
FunkyBuys Lightweight
ModellPhilips GC240/05Brabantia Ironing BoardBrabantia Ironing Board - Ice WaterMinky Ergo PlusMinky Ultima PlusMinky Classic Ironing Board - Leaf BlueFunkyBuys Lightweight
Our Rating
Rating1.3VERY GOOD
Rating1.4VERY GOOD
Maximum Height94 cm102 cm102 cm93 cm94 cm92 cmn.i.
Adjustable Height6 Settingsinfinitely variableinfinitely variable8 Settingsinfinitely variableinfinitely variableinfinitely variable
Ironing Surface45 x 120 cm45 x 135 cm45 x 135 cm38 x 122 cm43 x 122 cm35 x 110 cm33 x 102 cm
Child Lock
Cable Lead
Dimensions (Folded)160 x 50 x 12 cm164 x 49 x 8 cm134.6 x 45.7 x 8 cm164 x 38 x 8 cm163.1 x 43.4 x 6.1 cm110 x 35 x 15.1 cm139 x 35 x 8 cm
Weight9 kg7 kg8 kg6.3 kg6 kg5 kgn.i.
(Special) Features
  • Multi-layered Board Cover
  • Convenient Hanging Rail
  • XL Iron Tray
  • Built-in heat-resistant Area
  • Silicon Pad for temporary Parking
  • Ergo Rest
  • Flex Guide
  • Minky Steam Flow Mesh Surface
  • Minky Steam Flow Mesh Surface
  • No Scratch/ No Slip Feet
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Best Rated
Philips GC240/05
Philips GC240/05
  • Multi-layered Board Cover
  • Convenient Hanging Rail
  • XL Iron Tray
94,28 €
Best Seller
Brabantia Ironing Board
Brabantia Ironing Board
  • Built-in heat-resistant Area
65,97 €
Minky Ultima Plus
Minky Ultima Plus
  • Minky Steam Flow Mesh Surface
35,99 €
Best Deal

All You Need To Know For Our Best Ironing Board Reviews

To help you get the smoothest results in our best ironing reviews 2016

The Philips ironing board GC240/05.

Nearly all households in the UK have an ironing board these days. At first it appears that apart from maybe the colour of the covers, there isn’t much that separates the different brands. Though there are some vast differences in quality and build, as we found out during our best ironing board reviews 2016.

In this buying guide we will explain all you need to know for our product reviews, where to find cheap ironing boards and which models are the best value for money. You’ll also learn about the most common types and which ironing board is suitable for your household.

Types of Ironing Boards

You may know the most common iron board type, the free standing one that nearly every household in the UK has. There are in general 2 Types of iron boards. Below we quickly present them to you and then move on to the pro’s and con’s we encountered during our best ironing board reviews 2016.

Type of Iron Board Description
Portable Ironing Boards These are either tabletop ironing boards or foldable ironing boards. Both can be transported and stowed away quickly and with ease making them the most common choice for UK households. Foldable ironing boards come in many different styles and designs and are so far the unbeaten best sellers.
Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Wall mounted ironing boards are usually installed in a drawer or a wall cabinet by professional installers, though there are simpler kits that can be self installed. The iron board is fastened at the top, anchored only on one end and then drops down from the wall/ door. Wall mounted Ironing boards are great space savers but do require the necessary tools for installation.

Pro’s and Con’s of Ironing Boards

Pro’s of Portable Ironing Boards Con’s of Portable Ironing Boards
  • flexible, can be used anywhere
  • adjustable height for anyone to use
  • not always easy to stow away
Pro’s of Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Con’s of Wall Mounted Ironing Boards
  • great for saving space
  • installation required
  • more expensive

Which Ironing Board is suitable for you?

If you’ve decided to buy an ironing board then you’ll see a few aspects to consider below. Our bets ironing board reviews focused on some important features and you’ll have to decide if they suit your preferences.

Which size do you require?
The best ironing boards come in different sizes. Depending on the amount of clothes you iron and how much space you need, you’ll need to choose a large ironing board, small ironing board or to save more space a tabletop ironing board. The size of a board is usually provided by the manufacturer as “ironing surface”. You will also find a selection of extra large iron boards in online shops or in the home sections of supermarkets like Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury’s. You can always check out producer websites for size information for example for Leifheit ironing boards, Philips ironing boards etc..

Would you like to buy a cheap ironing board?
If you’re looking for a bargain and want to buy a cheap ironing board you should be on the hunt for ironing board sales. Philips ironing boards, Barbantia ironing boards, Minky ironing boards, they all come as great offers in certain online shops and delivery is surprisingly uncomplicated. For the UK’s best ironing board deals check out Amazon for example or keep an eye out in your local superstore’s best buys and cheap ironing boards.
If you don’t have the time for research, check out our ironing board reviews at the top of the page where you’ll find the “price”tip”. This is our concluded best value for money iron board, a good balance between quality and price.

Would you like to buy the UK’s best ironing board?
In our best ironing board reviews 2016 we have analysed the best buy boards and elected our winner, the “top rated” ironing board. You can also see the best selling iron board, the country’s most popular choice. If you’re going to cut to the chase with finding the UK’s best ironing board we recommend choosing from any of our top 6 above or simply the top rated. Of course the cheapest ironing board won’t provide the quality you may seek though it is possible to find bargains on top models like Leifheit ironing boards, Brabantia ironing boards or Minky ironing boards.

Do you require an all-in-one device?
Without having to buy the steam iron and board separately you can acquire a steam generator ironing board. Think of it as one entire ironing station with an integrated, folding ironing board and steam generating station. These devices save space and are generally practical, though you might have cut down on the actual board size, so don’t expect boards with extra large dimensions that at the same time will be easy to stow away.

The UK’s best Ironing Board Brands

We have taken a look at the best ironing boards in the UK and the brands that produce them. These manufacturers shine with general quality, so when you buy an ironing board take the following brands and models into account to get the best possible acquisition.

The Minky Ergo Plus; Minky ironing boards are good in quality whilst being relatively cheap.

  • Leifheit Ironing Boards
  • Brabantia Ironing Boards
  • Philips Ironing Boards
  • Minky Ironing Borads
  • Beldray Ironing Boards

Along with these you’ll find some very good and cheap ironing boards from the following brands:

  • Laurastar
  • Tefal
  • Polti
  • Karcher
  • Hoover
  • Rowenta
  • Minky
  • Beldray


There are certain accessories you can buy to make your ironing experience as comfortable as possible. Below we have listed a couple of the best ironing board essentials on the market and how they’re put to best use.

  • Sleeve Board: If you’re often ironing long sleeve shirts then a sleeve board might be right for you. By simply puling the sleeve over the long, slim board you can iron your sleeves without accidentally putting new creases into it when ironing the other side.
  • Ironing Board Cover: Ironing board covers are often associated with being pretty ugly, so why not pep up your board with a cover that suits your taste? But not only for aesthetic reasons should you buy ironing board covers. Some covers allow an easy glide for the steam iron or are especially heat resistant. Pick whatever type you think might be a good addition but always make sure the cover doesn’t crease and is not too soft.
  • Ironing Board with Plug: Some of the best Ironing boards come with an attached plug for safe usage. An Ironing board with plug let’s you plug in the device close to the board avoiding the danger of tripping over a cable.
  • Ironing Board with Seat: If you have large amounts of clothes to iron then sooner or later standing will become tiring. An ironing board with seat comes in handy for those moments when you need to sit down or simply want to comfortably iron away without struggling too much.

An Ironing Board is the steam ironer’s most important partner and no matter which model you pick, the best ironing boards should in any case be stable when standing, easy to fold and flexible.