Best Mattress Topper 2016

Top 7 Mattress Toppers You Can Buy

Best Rated
Snug European King
Best Seller
Southern Foam 3
Southern Foam 4
Mountain Moose Co. Luxurious Canadian Goose Feather
Southern Foam 2
Best Deal
AAF TEXTILES Luxury Quilted Mattress Protector
ModellSnug European KingSouthern Foam 3" King SizeSouthern Foam 4" Small DoubleMountain Moose Co. Luxurious Canadian Goose FeatherLittensSouthern Foam 2" Single MemoryAAF TEXTILES Luxury Quilted Mattress Protector
Our Rating
Rating1.4VERY GOOD
Size160 x 200 cm152 x 198 cm120 x 190 cm150 x 200 cm150 x 200 cm90 x 190 cm90 x 190 cm
MaterialPolyurethanePolyurethanePolyurethaneGoose Feather, DownPolyurethanePolyurethanePolyester
Cover Material50 kg/m^340 kg/m^350 kg/m^3n/an/a40 kg/m^3n/a
Different Sizes
Non Allergicn/a
Depth5 cm7.5 cm7.5 cm5 cm5 cm5 cm40 cm
(Special) Features
  • Coolmax Active Performance
  • Anti-Dustmite
  • Excellent Pressure relieving Properties
  • Luxurious Memory Foam
  • Hutterite Goose Down
  • Revolutionary Egg Shell / Profile Cut
  • UK made Memory Foam
  • Designed to fit extra deep Mattresses
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Best Rated
Snug European King
Snug European King
  • Coolmax Active Performance
  • Anti-Dustmite
114,00 €
Best Seller
Southern Foam 3
Southern Foam 3" King Size
  • Excellent Pressure relieving Properties
77,95 €
  • Revolutionary Egg Shell / Profile Cut
35,50 €
Best Deal

All You Need To Know For Our Best Mattress Topper Reviews

Enhance a comfortable sleep with our best mattress topper reviews 2016.

Tempur mattress toppers like the Deluxe are quite expensive but offer ultimate comfort.

We spend around 24 years of our lives on mattresses and it’s therefore without question important that they are as comfortable as possible. Despite there being loads of ideas as to how the most comfortable mattress should be, there is also a wide range of mattress pads, covers and of course mattress toppers that promise to further enhance the comfortability of your bed.

The best mattress toppers are usually 5 cm in depth and lie on a same sized mattress. In our buying guide we’ll explain how exactly this aids a good nights sleep and how we picked the best bed toppers in our best mattress topper reviews. You’ll find out where to buy cheap mattress toppers, great offers, discounts and how to pick the best mattress topper suitable for you.

Types of Mattress Toppers

A mattress topper is not like mattress protectors. Mattress protectors lie under your mattress where they keep it from wearing off. Also don’t mistake it for a mattress cover which is strapped over the mattress for extra warmth in winter and cooling in summer.
Mattress toppers serve the purpose of comfort and can be a great addition to hard beds, sofa beds or caravan bedding. See the different types we analysed in our mattress topper reviews.

Types of Mattress Topper Description
Foam Mattress Topper Foam mattress toppers usually use simple cold foam made from polyurethane. They support the spine and are good, non-allergic mattresses. Cold foam mattress toppers undergo a special production procedure to achieve pollutant free quality. It’s great thermal isolation can however become annoying for people who tend to sweat easily. However this still is one of the most comfortable and common foam mattress toppers around.
Latex Mattress Topper Latex mattress toppers are also known for their excellent back relieving qualities. With pin-core holes distributed all over the mattress, they absorb the body weight and conform to the body’s contour which s why latex mattress toppers offer a great combination of comfort and support.
Memory Foam Mattress Topper These are also known as ‘visco memory foam mattress toppers’ and are considered to be the best mattress toppers for sufferers of back pain. As its name suggests memory foam „memorizes“ your body contour and will adjust your body temperature. This technology was originally designed for astronauts and sleeping in space but has now found its way into private households as one of the best orthopaedic mattress toppers.

Pro’s and Con’s of Mattress Toppers

No matter which bed topper you have none are perfect and so you’ll need to be aware of both, the strengths and weaknesses of mattress toppers. Below we have summarized the results from our mattress topper reviews to give you a good overview.

Pro’s of Foam Mattress Toppers Con’s of Foam Mattress Toppers
  • breathable
  • good moisture regulation
  • good point elasticity
  • often strong chemical smell shortly after purchase
Pro’s of Latex Mattress Topper Con’s of Latex Mattress Topper
  • reduces movement of others in bed
  • very durable
  • no unpleasant odour
  • not suitable for people with a latex allergy
  • more expensive
Pro’s of Memory Foam Mattress Topper Con’s of Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • very breathable
  • non-allergic
  • advanced memorizing foam
  • expensive

Which Mattress Topper is suitable for you?

Buying a mattress topper or mattress cover makes perfect sense as an addition to your comfort and is becoming increasingly common. Our best mattress topper reviews help you decide which one is the most suitable for you.

Which is the right mattress topper size?
This of course is dependent on how big your bed, sofa bed or sleeping space generally is. A King sized bed will demand a king size mattress topper for example. Mattress toppers come in the same sizes as beds, so a double bed needs a double mattress topper, a single bed, a single mattress topper. Once you have your length and width dimensions of your bed think how thick your mattress topper should be. Usual mattress toppers like Silentnight mattress toppers or the well known Tempur mattress toppers are about 5 to 8 cm in depth, whilst other models (often double mattress toppers) are up to 40 cm deep, nearly acting as another mattress.

Which features should my mattress topper have?
Unlike mattress protectors that usually lie under a mattress and simply keep it from wearing off, a mattress cover/ topper can offer much more than comfort. Some models are
waterproof making them a good choice for children or people suffering from incontinence. Others offer protection from dust mites and bacteria. Double mattress toppers or king size mattress toppers often have movement cancelling foam meaning even with another person moving a lot on the other side of the double bed, your side will remain still. The best mattress toppers often combine all these features to create the ultimate addition for your bed.

Where can I buy a cheap mattress topper?
Buying a cheap mattress topper doesn’t mean you’ll have to cut down on quality. You’ll see some pretty good mattress topper deals in your local stores, Argos, John Lewis and Ikea most of all and sometimes Tesco and Asda. Though we also recommend taking a look in online shops where you’ll find great offers and discounts on some of the UK’s best mattress toppers. Shipping and delivery shouldn’t be too much of a problem inside the united kingdom as the toppers are rolled up into a cylinder in order to transport them easily.

What is the best mattress topper?
This pretty hard to tell. We can most definitely recommend our best rated mattress toppers at the top of the page, though it entirely depends on your preferences and needs. For any type of back pain we consider memory foam mattress toppers and latex mattress toppers as the best choices. If you’re prepared to pay more money, then go for Silentnight mattress toppers or Tempur mattress toppers, to recommend a brand. This leads us to the next section.

The UK’s best Mattress Topper Brands

The UK has a wide range of companies that offer bedding supplies for example mattress toppers but also mattress pads, mattress covers and mattress protectors. Below you’ll see the the UK’s best mattress topper brands from our product reviews.

Silentnight Mattress toppers are one of the UK's best mattress topper brands.

  • Silentnight matress toppers
  • Tempur mattres toppers
  • Sealy
  • Hypnia
  • Tempurpedic
  • Bodymould
  • Southern Farm
  • Rejuvopedic