Best Office Chair 2016

Top 7 Office Chairs You Can Buy

Best Rated
BTM Luxury High Back Executive
Best Seller
Cherry Tree Furniture Racing Sport
HNNHOME High Back Luxury
Smallwise Trading
Homcom Swivel
Best Deal
Chinkyboo Adjustable
SixBros. Office Chair Black
ModellBTM Luxury High Back ExecutiveCherry Tree Furniture Racing SportHNNHOME High Back LuxurySmallwise TradingHomcom SwivelChinkyboo AdjustableSixBros. Office Chair Black
Our Rating
Rating1.3VERY GOOD
Rating1.4VERY GOOD
Seat Height54.5 - 62.5 cm47 - 57 cm45 - 51 cm46 - 56 cm48 - 58 cm84 - 94 cm43 - 55 cm
Seat Width52 cm51 cm52 cm53 cm57 cm44 cm43 cm
Seat Depth50 cm51 cm54 cm52 cm56 cm46.5 cm54 cm
Lumbar Support
Max. Weight300 kg120 kg100 kgn.i150 kg100 kg100 kg
Colour Variation
2 available

3 available

12 available
Dimensions93 x 72 x 46.4 cm120 x 61 x 51 cm81 x 59 x 32 cm72 x 57 x 50 cm124 x 56 x 57 cmn.i.99 x 43 x 54 cm
(Special) Features
  • Recline adjustment for superior Comfort
  • Matching Foot Stool
  • Racing Style Design
  • Strong Chrome 5 Star Legs
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Ergonomically designed
  • High quality faux Leather/Mesh Back
  • Easy to follow Instructions
  • Premium Fabric Mesh Seat Base and Backrest
  • Continuous Height adjustment
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Best Rated
BTM Luxury High Back Executive
BTM Luxury High Back Executive
  • Recline adjustment for superior Comfort
  • Matching Foot Stool
129,99 €
HNNHOME High Back Luxury
HNNHOME High Back Luxury
  • Strong Chrome 5 Star Legs
  • Tilt Lock Mechanism
64,89 €
Homcom Swivel
Homcom Swivel
  • High quality faux Leather/Mesh Back
  • Easy to follow Instructions
55,99 €
Best Deal
Chinkyboo Adjustable
Chinkyboo Adjustable
  • Premium Fabric Mesh Seat Base and Backrest
36,99 €

All You Need To Know For Our Office Chair Reviews

Offering you a comfortable seat in our best office chair reviews 2016.

The Rio Brown Luxury Reclining Office Chair.

The office has become mankind’s new natural habitat. This is the place where men and women work up to 9 hours a day sometimes even more and whilst doing so, they usually stay seated. Even if you enjoy the advantages of a home office you’ll still be maintaining a seated position most time of the day.
Though humans have not evolved to walk upright in order to be seated most of the day, making it an unnatural posture and ergonomically incorrect over long periods of time. To avoid any long term effects on your body the right choice of office chairs or desk chairs is vital.
In this guide we have collected all the facts, along with everything worth knowing for our best office chair reviews 2016.

Types of Office Chairs

There’s a wide variety of office furniture, office chairs obviously being a vital part of that selection. Though there aren’t really many types of chairs. They do come in different styles and designs but usually don’t differ in their build up.
The only differentiation we came across was between executive office chairs and standard office chairs.
Executive office chairs tend to be bulkier because of their leather or faux leather padding and therefore some users believe they are more comfortable. Though our office chair reviews found that this was only the case with the expensive models (like Herman Miller Chairs).

Here are main pro’s and con’s that make office chairs the better choice over regular chairs.

Why to pick an office chair Why not to pick an office chair
  • adjustability

  • lumbar support

  • high comfort
  • more expensive than usual chairs

What makes the best Office Chair?

Desk Chairs come in many different styles and designs. In the end it doesn’t make too much difference what they look like. They need to be comfortable enough to sit on over an extended period of time. The best office chairs focus mainly on ergonomics, adjusting to your body, making it a comfortable piece of office furniture.

The following features are distinctive for the best office chairs.

Office Seating Essentials
  • Lumbar Support

  • Adjustability

  • Wheel Base

  • Swivel Base

  • Comfort Fabric
  • The Herman Miller Aeron; One of the most expensive Herman Miller Chairs.

    Lumbar Support

    The best office chairs are also known as ergonomic office chairs. These desks chairs come with a support for the lower back making them great office chairs for bad backs. An office chair with lumbar support helps prevent back strain which could eventually lead to a debilitating condition called sciatica.


    Our office chair reviews showed that most desk chairs have some adjustable parts in order to make it an ergonomic office chair. This includes the height and sometimes arms, but we’ve found that the best office chair has more than 5 different adjustments, giving you many possibilities to achieve your individual seating position.

    Wheel Base

    This makes the desk chair mobile which means you won’t have to keep reaching over your desk especially when it’s very wide. Our office chair reviews hardly found an office chair without wheels, making these an essential part.

    Swivel Base

    The best office chairs offer 360° rotation making it easier to reach certain areas around the desk, this being another important aspect for an ergonomic office chair.

    Comfort Fabric

    Executive chairs often come with leather or faux leather which can be quite comfy but often misses out on making an office seating breathable. We therefore recommend a mesh office chair as it has breathable and elastic material and doesn’t use expensive materials making it a rather cheap office chair in comparison to others.

    To achieve the best ergonomic result you should try completing your workspace with other adjustable office furniture. For example a height-adjustable table will assist the right height and angle for your arms.

    Buying an Office Chair

    Where to buy?
    You can buy office chairs in your local furniture stores (Ikea being the biggest) or in certain office supply stores (i.e. Staples). We also recommend looking into online stores (like Amazon) for best buy office chair offers or office chair sales.

    Once you have considered the office seating essentials, you are ready to search for matching desk chairs. Just take a moment to think of what you need or what preferences you have.

    If you’re working from home try going for something more cosy and individual and take a look at home office chairs. If you’re spending a long time at the office look for something sturdy and robust and choose steel-case chairs.

    Are you looking for a cheap office chair?
    If you’ve set yourself a rather small budget and are simply looking for the best office chair under £100 then check our best buy office chairs at the top of the page. Our reviews include a price tip under £100 that had the best value for money in its category.

    Are you looking for absolute, ergonomic comfort?
    If money is really not an issue and you are determined to make your desk the most comfortable area in your office, we recommend a Herman Miller Aeron. If that’s a little over the top check our best buys above for our best rated and best selling office chairs.

    The UK’s best Office Chair Brands

    Ergonomic Office chairs taken to the next level with the New Hara Health Chair.

    Unlike other products you won’t find too many big name brands in the UK when it comes down to office chairs. There is of course a very wide selection of chairs, all coming from small sized companies or simply furniture stores (IKEA for example) or office supply stores (Staples being amongst the best). Below you’ll see two of the best office chair brands widely used in the United Kingdom.

    • Herman Miller Chairs (like the Herman Miller Aeron)
    • HJH

    Herman Miller chairs are specialized on building high quality, ergonomic desk chairs that don’t come cheap. They are a UK based company and offer a range of top office chairs.

    Adjusting your Desk Chair

    No matter if leather chair, computer chair or gaming chair, if you have an ergonomic one you’ll need to be able to adjust it correctly so that it is fitted to your body size and build.

    Seat Height
    The Seat height is adjusted according to your lower legs. The Angle between your thighs and lower leg should be more than 90°. Your thighs should not be straight but rather angled down towards your knees.

    Seat Angle
    Not only leaning back but leaning forward can be ergonomically supported with the right seat angle. When the chair tilts forward the beck bone also leans forward, automatically bringing the spine into an upright position.

    Seat Depth
    This is the length from the backrest to the edge of the seat. The Ideal Position is achieved with your knees about four finger lengths over the edge of the seat.