Best Stroller 2016

Top 7 Strollers You Can Buy

Best Rated
Baby Jogger City Mini GT
Best Seller
Graco Evo Stroller
Infantastic Baby Child Pushchair Pram / Stroller 2in1
Chicco London Stroller
Red Kite Push Me Quatro Stroller
Best Deal
Froggy Stroller DINGO
Red Kite Baby Push Me
ModellBaby Jogger City Mini GTGraco Evo StrollerInfantastic Baby Child Pushchair Pram / Stroller 2in1Chicco London StrollerRed Kite Push Me Quatro StrollerFroggy Stroller DINGO Red Kite Baby Push Me
Our Rating
Rating1.4VERY GOOD
Recommended Agefrom Birthfrom Birthfrom Birthfrom Birthfrom Birthfrom 6 Months onfrom 6 Months on
Maximum Weight29.5 kg15 kg15 kg15 kg15 kg15 kg15 kg
Cargo Basket
Adjustable Backrest
Swivel Wheels
Horizontal Recline
Sun Canopy
Rain Canopy
Dimensions (folded)80 x 62 x 25 cm106 x 60 x 41 cm78.5 x 60.5 x 26.5 cm107 x 45 x 24.5 cm106 x 23 x 32 cm 86 x 54 x 30 cm59 x 36 x 97 cm
Weight9.5 kg9.5 kg7.9 kg7.2 kg8.2 kg9.4 kg5 kg
(Special) Features
  • Height-adjustable Handlebar
  • Quick-Fold Technology
  • All-Terrain, Forever-Air Quick-Release 8.5’’ Wheels
  • Reversible Seat
  • Provided Footmuff
  • Light and easy to fold Aluminium Frame
  • 2 in1 Stroller and Pram
  • Umbrella-Type Folding System
  • 5-Points Security Harness
  • Detachable Hood
  • Practical Cup Holder on the Safety Brace
  • 5-Points Security Harness
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Best Rated
Baby Jogger City Mini GT
Baby Jogger City Mini GT
  • Height-adjustable Handlebar
  • Quick-Fold Technology
  • All-Terrain, Forever-Air Quick-Release 8.5’’ Wheels
339,99 €
Best Seller
Graco Evo Stroller
Graco Evo Stroller
  • Reversible Seat
  • Provided Footmuff
227,47 €
Infantastic Baby Child Pushchair Pram / Stroller 2in1
Infantastic Baby Child Pushchair Pram / Stroller 2in1
  • Light and easy to fold Aluminium Frame
  • 2 in1 Stroller and Pram
299,90 €
Chicco London Stroller
Chicco London Stroller
  • Umbrella-Type Folding System
  • 5-Points Security Harness
79,99 €
Best Deal
Froggy Stroller DINGO
Froggy Stroller DINGO
  • Practical Cup Holder on the Safety Brace
71,95 €

All You Need To Know For Our Best Stroller Reviews

Moving your child around safely and comfortably with our best stroller reviews 2016.

The Cosatto Stroller Supa – Cuddle Monster 2. Cosatto is one of the UK's best stroller and baby accessory brand.

A stroller is not only a very adequate way to transport your child around town safely but also protects it from all kinds of weather. A stroller with foot-muff for example will also keep your baby protected in winter. Though there are many forms and variations of strollers be it a typical baby stroller, a jogger stroller, a travel stroller, a stroller buggy, a tandem stroller or a baby pram.

As you can see the different types of strollers can become quite confusing and if you’re thinking about buying one you might want to consider certain things before hand.
We’ve compared a range of models in our best stroller reviews 2016 and have summed up all you need to know in our buying guide below. Read on to find out which stroller is the UK’s best, where to find the best stroller deals and what else to consider.

Types of Strollers

In our best stroller reviews 2016 we have analysed the main types of strollers. So think about how you would like your child to be positioned; lying or seated or whether you would like an athletic type of stroller.

Types of Stroller Description
Baby Stroller This stroller buggy quickly adjusts into a horizontal position for the baby to lie in. The back rests on typical baby strollers are generally very adjustable. They’re especially suitable for newborns which sleep a lot. A matching footrest will make sure the most comfortable lying position is created for your child. The best strollers as versatile as typical baby prams.
Baby Pushchair A baby pushchair or stroller pushchair is usually a cheap stroller as it has a very simple design. They are lightweight and quite dynamic though they don’t have a lying option making it unsuitable for newborns but rather for children from 6 months onward. We recommend a baby pushchair as a second baby stroller option as they can be used very quickly without too much hassle for short walks.
Jogger Stroller A jogger stroller offers options for being active with your child and generally a great stroller for runners. They’re usually a 3 wheel build, have a safety harness and handbrakes to ensure that you’re child is safe. Jogger strollers are perfect for fitness families but can also be used if you simply desire flexibility and versatility.
Twin Stroller Twin strollers have space for more than one child. If your babies are seated behind one another then it’s called a tandem stroller. Twin strollers are most often bulky and in no way foldable. Tandem strollers and twin strollers can be bought with so called Buggy Boards on which older siblings can stand.

Pro’s and Con’s of the different Stroller Types

Pro’s of Baby Strollers Con’s of Baby Strollers
  • comfortable lying position
  • flexible back rest
  • only usable for a limited amount of time
Pro’s of Baby Pushchairs Con’s of Baby Pushchairs
  • flexible
  • lightweight
  • agile
  • cheap strollers
  • foldable
  • not suitable for off-road terrain

  • unsuitable for newborns
Pro’s of Jogger Strollers Con’s of Jogger Strollers
  • very safe
  • good suspension
  • individually adjustable
  • robust
  • expensive

  • less suitable for urban areas
Pro’s of Twin Strollers/ Tandem Strollers Con’s of Twin Strollers/ Tandem Strollers
  • space for numerous children
  • older siblings stand with a buggy board
  • expensive
  • bulky and hard to manoeuvre

Which Stroller is suitable for you?

Stroller Sale
If you want to buy a cheap stroller, check out sales online to find a great range of special offers and discounts.

Which Stroller should you choose at what age?
We generally don’t recommend any stroller, besides a baby stroller, for newborns up to 6 months. Our best stroller reviews showed that a baby pram is much more suitable in this case. As soon your child has reached the point where it can remain seated, keeping it in a stroller for toddlers is advisable.

Would you like to buy a cheap stroller?
Cheap strollers don’t necessarily lack the quality of more expensive ones. Our reviews 2016 showed that some of the UK’s best strollers can be bought under £100, for example during stroller sales in online shops. Here you’ll find loads of bargain offers, with prices cut by more than 50%, Check our best stroller reviews at the top to see our best value for money stroller, our “price-tip”.

Would you like to use the buggy for as long as possible?
Most baby strollers are suitable for children from 6 months up to about the age of 4 or a maximum weight of 25 kg. Whilst a cheap buggy might not even last that long, our stroller reviews showed that top quality models (like Maclaren strollers or Hauck Strollers) will, making it redundant once your child gets older. If you have more than one baby you might use the stroller again for your next child. At some point children prefer to walk themselves, though it’s quite good to have a stroller for toddlers for the times they get tired.

Would you like to buy the UK’s best stroller?
If you’re intent on buying from one of the best stroller brands without having to do much research yourself then check out our reviews 2016 at the top of the page. Along with the UK’s best seller stroller you will also find our winning pick, the UK’s best stroller.

The UK’s best Stroller Brands

There are many stroller brands currently on the market and it’s not just big names (like Chicco strollers or Joie Strollers) which are doing a great job at producing some of the UK’s best strollers. Cheap stroller brands have also accomplished some fine models which sometimes do better than big names in terms of the best value for money.
Our Stroller reviews 2016 give you an overview over the best brands and some of their models.

  • Cosatto
  • MacLaren
  • Joie
  • Hauck
  • Chicco
  • Quinny
  • Graco
  • Bugaboo
  • Red Kite
  • Baby Jogger
  • Mutsy
  • iCandy
  • UPPAbaby
  • Mamas and Papas


The Sumersha Rain Cover is universal though some strollers and baby prams (for example MacLaren strollers) often come with an included cover.

In our best stroller reviews we have collected looked at some useful and handy stroller accessories.

  • Rain Cover: A rain cover comes in different colours and sizes depending on the stroller model. The cover is usually made from water proof nylon and is pulled over the front canopy of the baby stroller.
  • Mosquito Net: A mosquito net is a fine mesh net that is pulled over the stroller’s front canopy and keeps out all kinds of insects.
  • Sunshade: A sunshade isn’t just an eye catcher but most importantly protects your child from the sun. The best stroller sunshades can be individually adjusted for optimum protection.
  • Travel Bag: A travel bag offers storage for your babies other accessories, toys and shopping. Most strollers pushchairs don’t have a built in storage, so you can buy strollers bags additionally, which are clipped onto the buggy.

Every stroller model (including Chicco strollers and Joie strollers) has its own individual set of accessories. Depending on weather and the size of your child you can remodel your stroller pushchair into a real all-rounder.